The Cozy Bar in Amsterdam

Have you been to Amsterdam? Beautiful place isn’t it? Your days are full of activities. But because you are so energetic and full of enthusiasm, it seems like the day isn’t enough and you want to continue it at night. You still want to enjoy more and explore what the city can offer you.

Well, if a night life is what you were looking for you have too many options, but one that stands out if going to bars and clubs. Nightlife in bars and clubs, where the people don’t seem to care about the time even if how late it already is.

Night bars and clubs are where the the life of the party when the sun sets. But in Amsterdam, did you know where you can find some great entertainment, cozy bars and friendly staffs? Maybe the place you are looking for is the Cozy bar. The Cozy bar is a bar as cozy as a bar can be.

The Cozy bar, at the beginning was a full blooded gay bar. Yet it evolves and has gotten to be more of a place for heterosexual fans. It is famous in the city basically because of the gender preference of the people hanging out there.

So the next time you’ll visit The Netherlands, and if you are part of the gender preference visiting the enthusiastic place, why not visit the cozy bar!